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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
June 4, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 6:17-21a
Gospel of Luke Series

SERMON Based Devotional

Theme: Discovering Fulfilment

Read Genesis 4

  • What was the deeper reason why Cain angry and depressed?

  • What was God’s solution to Cain’s sinful attitude?

  • Who are you angry and resentful against?

  • Cain did not want to see that his own actions resulted in His depression. He put the blame on Abel that led to his murder of Abel.

  • Jesus’ view: There is no benefit from suffering from our own sin. Cain was not helping himself by his sinful attitude and neither are we.

  • Action:

  1. Confess your sinful attitude

  2. Love your enemy- pray and serve your enemy in a way that gives them a fresh experience of God’s grace. Give Jesus the glory.

  3. Do this knowing that you are forgiven and Jesus is blessing you.

  • Cain was punished by being excluded from community. How has your sin kept you from community.

  • Help others return to God’s community.

  • God’s will accomplish His will. Just look at Seth and take courage.



Sermon: Delayed Gratification

Luke 6:17-21a

Vv.17-19 Introducing Jesus Teaching Ministry

  • I came to worship this Sunday because ___________________.

  • I will come to worship with a clean heart and seek to encourage my pastor and others here to show and grow in God’s grace.

  • V. 20 What is filling you up? Make room for Jesus’ grace to flow through you.

    • Step #1 Confess the sin that is keeping you from receiving and giving Jesus’ grace.

    • Step #2 Receive forgiveness and healing.

  • V. 21a *(v.25a)

    • You are blessed when you sense what you lack and depend on God.

    • Find one person or family outside of your own that you can regularly

  1. Pray

  2. Care

  3. Share

  4. Disciple

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