God's Vision for the Church
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Delivered By
David Živor
Delivered On
October 21, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Matthew 16:13-20


"God's vision for the church" Matthew 16:13-20

  1.  Knowledge: God reveals to us who Jesus is.
  2. On the rock: Jesus builds His church on the rock.
  3. Keys of authority: The church continues Jesus' work. Matthew 28:18-20 & Acts 1:8

Challenge: Because God reveals who Jesus is and Jesus is building His church the church must continue Jesus' work.

Conclusion: God's vision for the church is to become God's tool for opening a gateway to life into the Kingdom of God.

DEVOTIONAL: personal and group


Theme: Find the Bible useful


Read 2 Timothy 3:14-17


  • Vv.14-15 What have you learned from the Bible about what Jesus has done, and how He has called you to live?

  • In v.15 Timothy had learned from godly examples that taught Him about Jesus. Who has been a godly example to you of following Jesus?

  • Who are you setting an example for and teaching God’s truths? If you no one, who can you train?

  • Vv.16- 17 In what ways have you found the Bible to be used to teach, rebuke, correct and train you to grow in following Jesus?

  • What is the most important truth you have learned about God from the Old Testament?

  • How do you find the Bible useful in exposing and correcting errors in your understanding of God, people and the world around you?

  • How do you find the Bible useful in training you to live a godly, blessed and joyful life?

  • Paul wrote we need two things in our life regularly, 1) Godly examples, and 2) Scripture (the Bible). What can you do to get more of both in your life?

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