Is there a doctor in the house?
Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
April 23, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 5:27-32
Gospel of Luke Series

SERMON Based Questions

Theme: Inviting People to Know Jesus

Devotional Questions

Read the story of Jonah

  • In Jonah 1 we see that he believes he “fears God” but not enough to obey him.

  • How is God throwing you into the ocean and into the mouth of the big fish?

  • Why didn’t Jonah want to go to Ninevah and how are you the same when it comes to sharing Jesus’ Good News with others?

  • We have some small and big cities near Folsom with a lot of sinful tough people.

  • What was Jonah’s attitude problem and God’s lesson for him in chapter 4?

  • What lessons have you learned from reading Jonah?

  • How could you live out Jesus’ in Matthew 18:10-14 among your family and co-workers?

Growth Group

  • What person do you know who does not have a life that shows good spiritual fruit?

  • Discuss with your group how you could throw a party with Jesus at the center specifically to share the joy of knowing Him?

  • What would this party look like?

  • Discuss your significant discoveries from your Devotional answers.




Sermon: Is there a doctor in the house?

Luke 5:27- 32

  1. Vv. 27- 28 Who truly follows Jesus?
  • Those Jesus calls.

  • Those who leave their path and join Jesus.

  1. Vv. 29- 32 Will you follow?

  • Levi held a costly party for Jesus to connect His sinful co-workers and friends to Jesus.

  • Follow Levi and humbly live out before all . . .

    • Your holiness 1Jn. 1:4-9, 1Pt.1:13- 16

    • Your love for Jesus Jn. 14:15-17

    • Your feast of celebration Lk. 14:12-24

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