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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
February 19, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 3:15- 22
Gospel of Luke Series

SERMON Based Questions

Steps to prep for Group Meetings

Step #1 Learn from the Sermon

Step #2 Answer the questions before you meet

Step #3 Share during your Group meeting

Theme: Producing Good Fruit: Faith that is experience in life change.

Devotional Questions

Matthew 22:1- 14 (read the parable)

  • In this parable, the servants invite people to God’s table. Will you be at God’s table, and if so, are you faithful servant of the king who is inviting others to His table?

  • If you are uncertain you will be at His table, ask your Growth Group how you be sure (Rom.10:9, Acts 2:36- 47).

  • At what cost has the Gospel been made possible by God? In v.5, what has been the cost by faithful servant in bringing the Gospel to people? What has it cost you?

Group Questions

  • What is the greatest cost you have seen someone make to share the Gospel?

  • John 3:30 How is Jesus becoming greater than everything in your life?

  • Plan for Jesus to be greater in 1 critical area of your life this week. Get accountability from a GG member.


It’s Harvest Time!  Luke 3:15- 22

V. 15 Repentance gives us the expectation and daily encouragement that God who is with us, is really with us and is fixing and restoring what is broken from sin.

V.16- 17  I need to begin the process of healing by listening to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Then I must act by turning from my pride to receiving and giving forgiveness.

V.18- 22

Turning from sinful destructive behaviours is good news!

Jesus is the answer to your heavy burden. Grow closer to Him to discover freedom.

John 3:30  

Christ needs to become greater in my life than all other things for me to experience real joy!


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