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Our church believes that God's good news--the Gospel of Jesus Christ--is a message of His love for ALL THE NATIONS (Matt 28:18-20). Jesus calls us to be witnesses for Him both at home and to the ends of the earth. As Paul writes in Romans, "But how can they call on Him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about Him? And how can they hear without a preacher? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As iti s written: How beautiful are the feet of those who announce the gospel of good things!" (Romans 10:14-15, HCSB).


Our church believes that missions involves faithful response to the commission of God. Successful mission is not measured by the authority of those who receive us, but of the authority of the One who sends us! As such, our church has committed to partner with its missionaries to make foreign missions feasible. Our missions motto is: "If He has called ANYONE to go, He has called EVERYONE to send." This fall, our church (in partnership with other Baptist churches in our area) will be sending a team of ten missionaries to Belarus (aka Byelorussia) on a ten-day (October 2-12) evangelistic mission trip. Our missionaries will be working alongside local church plants in Belarus and their pastors to share God's good news of salvation in Jesus. We will be working through the missions organization "Belarus Missions", whose website you can visit here: Byelorussian Mission Website. You can also learn more about Belarus Missions through the video below:



This fall, our missionaries will be going into schools, hospitals, orphanages, retirement communities, and inidividual homes to share the Gospel with the people of Belarus. This may involve singing Christian songs with the children or providing English lessons to those curious about Western culture. One of the chief goals involves distributing copies of the Bible and other Christian literature, including a book entitled Good & Evil. Good & Evil is essentially the Bible in comic book form, and it was illustrated by a former Marvel Comics artist. This tool has been extremely useful in sharing the good news of God's love with the people of Belarus, crossing language barriers and allowing missionaries to communicate through pictures as local Byelorussians read along with the text. For more information on Good & Evil, watch the YouTube video below:


We invite you to be in prayer for our church, our community, and especially our missionaries as we prepare for this endeavor. If you would like to support this ministry, please contact us by calling the church office (985-796-9295) or emailing us at Thank you and God bless!






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