Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
February 5, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 3:1- 6
Gospel of Luke Series

SERMON Based Questions

Steps to prep for Group Meetings

Step #1 Learn from the Sermon

Step #2 Answer the questions before you meet

Step #3 Share during your Group meeting

Theme: God’s Call, Message and Messenger: Be a way maker!, i.e. Repent in your heart and actions then you can call others to do the same.

Devotional Questions

Read 1Kings 18- 19: In Ch. 18 Elijah trusted God and was victorious over the false prophets. Yet, he failed to trust God in Ch.19.

  • How was God faithful to show His power when Elijah trusted Him?

  • How was God faithful to provide, and what did God provide when Elijah was faithless?

  • How has God provided physically and spiritually for you in unexpected ways?

  • In what areas of life do you need to show greater faith in God and how can that give you boldness in sharing your faith?

Group Questions

  • Share a story: Who did God put in your life to be a faithful witness?

  • What made you listen to them when you had not listened before?


Prepare the way!  Luke 3:1- 6

Vv.1- 2

God uses people after they have been tested in the wilderness and learn to depend on Him as Lord God.

Have I trusted God to lead me into the desert?

In the desert wilderness you will learn . . .

1) He alone is God.

2) God is faithful provider & protector

3) He redeems us to Himself to be His people

4) He sends us out with His message

V.  3

Repentance is an internal attitude change that aims at an outward life change.

Repentance is a turning from sinful rebellion against God and turning to faithful obedience to God shown in how we treat others as we await His arrival.

Vv. 4- 6

God is the great way maker . Like John and Elijah turn from sin, follow Jesus on His mission, and encourage others to join you!


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