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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
January 29, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Colossians 4:2- 6
Colossians Series Sermon #17

SERMON Based Questions

Steps to prep for Group Meetings

Step #1 Learn from the Sermon

Step #2 Answer the questions before you meet

Step #3 Share during your Group meeting


Theme: Living the Gospel Out Loud!

Devotional Questions

Read Acts 16:16- 40 Think about how to turn bad sitions to opportunities for faith.

  • V. 25 How did Paul & Silas respond to the slander & abuse they received for setting the young girl free in Jesus name?

  • Who in this story might have never heard the Gospel or come to faith if Paul and Silas would not have taken abuse and be jailed?

  • How can you respond to difficult and even abusive situations in a way that opens a door to tell people about Jesus?

Group Questions

  • Share a story: When were you punished for doing right? How did you react & what were the consequences?

  • Looking to Paul’s example, when do you claim your rights and when do you take abuse? See Acts 16:16- 40 & Col. 4:2- 6



Prepare to Share! Colossians 4:2- 6

Vv. 2- 4 Let us intentionally pray for . . .

  1. one another to grow in obedience to Christ, and

  2. at least one person that each of us is sharing the Gospel with weekly.

The one person I will begin to pray for and share the

Good News with is ________________________ .

Vv.3b- 4

In part, the burden to grow in obedience is on us, but the burden of salvation is on God.

Jesus burden is light and His work is rewarding!

Vv.5- 6

My life is a pulpit that declares news about Jesus.

I will be honest and gracious so that the news I share is understood as Good News!

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