Roadblocks to Restoration Part 1
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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
August 26, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Ezra 4

DEVOTIONAL: personal and group

Theme: Trust God in hard times

Read Exodus 13:17-22

  • In v.18, the people thought they were ready for battle, but where did God not lead Israel & why?

  • God led them on a longer journey, but how did God provide for them to make the journey faster?

  • The result of God’s way was harder since the people had to travel forth by night & day, but what were some of the benefits of God’s way?

  • How is it harder in your life to follow God’s way, rather than human plans?

  • What are the benefits of following God’s way rather than human plans?

Read John 11:1-44

  • Why did Jesus delay his journey and even allow Lazarus to die? vv.4, 14-15

  • The disciples knew that going to help Lazarus could put them in harm's way, vv.6-8. What was Thomas’s attitude about this? v.16

  • What was other people’s attitude? vv.34-37

  • What area of your life do you feel has no hope and God must act in your timing?

  • How could God bring about joy where you saw hopelessness?

  • Even if you can’t see hope in your situation, why can you still trust God? vv.25-27


“Roadblocks to Restoration” Part 1

Ezra 4

Three Roadblocks to Restoration

  1. Deception: An offer that appears good, but ultimately leads to destruction. V.2

  2. Internal discouragement: Fear is a tactic to weaken our faith in God and His promises. v.4

  3. External discouragement: An attempt to bring others against our obedience to God.

Roadblock Lessons

  1. Do not accept help that compromises obedience to Christ.

  2. Trust God’s story for strength rather than the world’s fear that brings weakness.

  3. Never compromise worshiping God as God instructed.

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