Welcome to the FBC Folsom sermon archive. PowerPoint slides for all audio sermons can be found in the Info Center. We apologize that some of our more recent sermons are not available--one of our media team members has been out of town for several months. Stay tuned for updates!
TitleDelivered ByCentral Passage
Undercover BossNathan VanHornMathew 16:20-24
Identity CrisisNathan VanHornMatthew 16:13-19
A View from the Finish LineNathan VanHornII Timothy 3:14-17
Seeing It Through Nathan VanHornHebrews 12:1-2
Critics & ContendersNathan VanHornHebrews 12:1-2
UnstoppableNathan VanHornActs 5:27-42
The Foundation of our FaithNathan VanHornActs 4:1-12
Ignorance and InstructionNathan VanHornActs 3:11-18
AS SEEN ON TVNathan Vanhorn
Ordinary PeopleNathan VanHorn
No Going BackBro. Nathan VanHornActs 2:12-21
Heaven Came DownBro. Nathan VanHornActs 2:1-11
MetamorphosisNathan VanHornEphesians 4:20-32
The Man in The MiddleNathan VanHornLuke 32:32-43
Easter SermonNathan VanHorn
Moment of TruthNathan VanHornJohn 21:15-19
Start to FinishNathan VanHornRomans 1:8-17
Mark Of A ChampionNathan VanHornPhilipians 3:7-14
Playing to WinNathan VanHorn1 Corinthians 9:19-27
The Faith of FriendsNathan VanHornMark 2:3-12
Plan "A"Bro. Nathan VanHornGalatians 4:1-7
The Simplicity of SovereigntyBro. Nathan VanHornDeuteronomy 6:4-9
Out Of EgyptBro. Nathan VanHornMathew 2:13-23
Who's The Boss?Bro. Nathan VanHornMatthew 2:1-12
A Family of ForeignersBro. Nathan VanHornRuth 2:10-13
The Other Side of the StoryBro. Nathan VanHornRuth 1:1-5
The Tragic TriumphBro. Nathan VanHornJudges 16:25-30
A Few Good MenBro. Nathan VanHornJudges 7:1-8
Breaking the CycleBro. Nathan VanHornJudges 2:14-19
The Battle PlanBro. Nathan VanHornJoshua 23:1-8
The Secrets of Sin, Part 2Bro. Nathan VanHornJoshua 7:22-26
The Secrets of Sin, Part 1Bro. Nathan VanHornJoshua 7:1-5
The Call to CourageBro. Nathan VanHornJoshua 1:1-9
Back to the Drawing BoardBro. Nathan VanHornNumbers 33:50-56
The Vision DecisionBro. Nathan VanHornNumbers25:1-5
Bound to the GroundBro. Nathan VanHornMark 10:13-16
What Are We Waiting For?Bro. Nathan VanHornNumbers 12:9-15
Trust and ObeyBro. Nathan VanHornDeuteronomy 30:11-20
One Nation Under God?Bro. Nathan VanHorn
Here Comes the BrideBro. Nathan VanHornRevelation 21:1-8
UnAVAILABLE OR UnVEILEDBro. Nathan VanHornJohn 14:1-11
SomeWHERE OR SomeONEBro. Nathan VanHornJohn 14:1-11
Going There OR Getting ThereBro. Nathan VanHornJohn 14:1-11
Dirty Feet & Dusty ServantsBro. Nathan VanHornJohn 13:2-10
The Other Side of the MountainBro. Nathan VanHorn1 Kings 19:9b-18
King of the MountainBro. Nathan VanHorn1 Kings 18:30-39
What Makes Mothers special?Bro. Nathan VanHornRuth 4:13-22
The Gideons' MinistryJohn BirdPsalm 119:105
Standing at the WallBro. Nathan VanHornCorinthians 15:12-22
The Goals Of The GospelBro. Nathan VanHornActs 8:26-37
Signs of the SpiritBro. Nathan VanHornActs 2:37-47
The Power of PreparationBro. Nathan VanHornActs 1:6-14
The Good ShepherdBro. Nathan VanHornMathew 9:36-38
Changing DesignBro. Nathan VanHornII Corinthians 5:17-21
Changing DevotionBro. Nathan VanHornJeremiah 31:31-34
Changing DesiresBro. Nathan VanHornMatthew 6:9-13
Changing Directors, Directives, & DirectionsBro. Nathan VanHornGenesis 12:1-3
Coming Home part 3Bro. Nathan VanHornLuke 15:1-2
Coming Home part 1Bro. Nathan VanHornLuke 15:11-20
The God with a PlanBro. Nathan VanHornJoshua 24:1-15
Knowing "About" GodBro. Nathan VanHornRomans 1:18-25
Imago Dei: The Image of GodBro. Nathan VanHornGenesis1:1
Are You Seeking the King?Bro. Nathan VanHornMatthew 2:1-12
Seeing, Savoring, and Serving the KingBro. Nathan VanHornIsaiah 6:1-8

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