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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
October 28, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Nehemiah 9-10


Nehemiah 9- 10 “Take the Dive”

  1. Dive into the context (right expression) of the Good Confession
  • Explanation
    • Come with an attitude of humility and anguish over sin.

    • Own your sin and don’t be led into the sin of others.

    • 1/4 the Day (Bible) Be guided by God’s revelation of Himself and His commands.

    • 1/4 the Day (Confession & Worship) Respond to God’s word with confession and worship.

  • Application:  Be His restored community! →  Dive into Gospel-centered restoration by humbly turning to worship God alone.

         2.  Dive into the content of the Good Confession : Creat--> Fall--> Redemption/ Rescue--> New Creation

  • Be His restored community! →Dive into Gospel-centered restoration by confessing Jesus as your only Lord and Savior.
  1. Dive into the life of the Good Confession: Those areas of fear are areas where we are unbelieving something about who God is and what He has done to rescue us from sin. Believe and take bold steps of faith by acting. Live it out.

  • Be His restored community! → Dive into Gospel-centered restoration by living according to your identity in Christ as forgiven, empowered and sent.

DEVOTIONAL: personal and group

Theme: Confession in Community

Read James 4:4-10

(V. 4) "Flirting with the Wow! Paul gave a harsh criticism to anyone who would flirt with the world, sin. He speaks of friendship with the world as “cheating” on God like an unfaithful"

  • How can this “flirting” lead to total unfaithfulness?

  • Being honest with yourself, where do you find yourself “flirting” with the world?

(Vv.5-6) "Grace sufficient" Verse 5 is difficult to translate, but we’ll take it to mean God is deservingly jealous, v.4, over the spirit He’s given us. In v.6  God gives grace sufficient to those who humbly return in faithfulness to Him.

  • What has God done in Christ to deserve to be rightly jealous of your very soul?

  • How does grace make it easier to return to God?

(Vv.7-10) “Our Response to unfaithfulness”

  • What steps can you take to single-mindedly resist flirting with your biggest temptation?

  • What should be your attitude toward sin, v.9?

  • In v.7 and v.10 what does God promise us if we turn in faithfulness to Him?

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