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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
January 22, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Colossians 3:22- 4:1
Colossians Series Sermon #16

Sermon Based Questions

Steps to prep for Group Meetings

Step #1 Learn from the Sermon

Step #2 Answer the questions before you meet

Step #3 Share during your Group meeting

Theme: Living out the Gospel at work

Devotional Questions

  • Read Genesis 39- 41 about Joseph.

    • Describe Joseph’s work ethic?

    • How did Joseph respond when Potiphar’s wife tempted him and faced losing his job?

    • Describe Joseph’s attitude and actions in his new job, in prison?

  • Read Nehemiah 5.

    • How did he handle people’s issues?

    • What kind of leader was he, vv.14- 19?

  • How can you be more like Joseph & Nehemiah at your work?

Group Questions: Start here for Group meeting

  • Who was your best and worst boss?

  • Discuss what made Joseph a good employee and Nehemiah a good leader ?

  • What is one principle that you’ve learned that you can put into practice at work.

  • Apply Col. 4:2- 6 to your life at work.



The Good News at Work! Colossians 3:22- 4:1

V. 22- 23 We  obey  our earthly bosses/ leaders with our attitude and actions so that Jesus is honored and the Gospel can be understood. Show & Tell!

V. 22- 25 Your effort should be exceptional, consistent, and honest. Do not seek the approval of others at work. Work to be approved by God who shows no partiality. Then both your co-workers and bosses will be open to the Gospel.

1Peter 2:18- 21 We are ambassadors of our Servant King, His kingdom and the message of the Gospel. Show Jesus through all you do at work, and you will find open doors to share the Gospel.

Col. 4:1  Masters, don not forget that we are all under authority (Mt. 8:9- 10). Follow Jesus’ leadership pattern in the Bible and you will find an open door to share the Gospel at work.

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