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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
April 30, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 5:33-39
Gospel of Luke Series

SERMON Based Questions

Theme: The new way replaces the old

Devotional Questions

  • The last two sermons from The Gospel According to Luke showed Jesus and his followers breaking with the old traditions and obeying God in a new way. For example, they gracefully reached out to sinners rather than enforcing traditions.

  • In Matthew 5:17- 20 Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant and brought in the New. He calls us to a higher standard than the Old, as seen in Mt.5:21-48.

  • Read Mt. 5:17-48: How can Jesus’ grace and the power of the Holy Spirit help you overcome: Anger, Sexual Immorality, Lying, Revenge, and Unforgiveness?

  • What traditions do I need to let go to make room for a lifestyle that brings myself and sinners to know Jesus?

Growth Group

  • Discuss what it means to obey the spirit of the law over the letter of the law.

  • According to the Gospel (Lk.4:18-19, 1Tim.1:15) how does God’s grace toward us help us to be gracious toward sinners? Give personal examples.



Sermon: The New Way

Luke 5:33-39

V. 33- 35

  • Prayer and fasting must be done in humility for the purpose of healing what sin has broken.

  • Prayer and fasting are done to restore health or relationships, as well as, for the salvation of a person.


  • The New Way of following Jesus is living life with sinners in such a way that they experience the Good News through us and repent.

  • We must live the Gospel by showing sinners forgiveness and God’s goodness.

  • Is the way I live and speak to others drawing myself and others closer to Jesus?

  • If not change?

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