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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
June 18, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 6:24-26
Gospel of Luke Series

SERMON Based Devotional

Theme: Discover Lasting Joy

Read: Luke 18:18- 30, 19:1- 10

  1. What do these stories say:

    1. about the rich man?

    2. about God?

    3. about the disciples?

    4. about people?

    5. about Zacchaeus?

    6. about Jesus?

  2. Remember, both the rich ruler and Zacchaeus were wealthy by human standards and Jewish. The rich ruler was considered a “good” person, but Zacchaeus was considered a traitor and “bad” person.

  3. So, why did the rich ruler go away sad Lk. 18:23?

  4. Why did Zacchaeus throw a party for Jesus and find salvation, Lk. 19:10?

  5. Based on Zacchaeus’ example, how can you find joy and salvation?

  6. With whom can you share the main idea from this text?



Luke 6:24-26

NOTES: your notes are your action plan

V. 24  Trusting our Coach as winners

I will choose today to give up on the loser's prize and trust in Jesus as my victory to gain the winner’s prize.


V. 25 Waiting on the Feast that satisfies

I will choose to wait for the best in Christ rather than take my fill of bread crumbs while others starve.


V.26 This is not a popularity contest.

Trust the one who will never fail either in this life or in the next!



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