Warning: Religion Enslaves
Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
October 30, 2016
Central Passage
Colossians 2:16- 23
Colossians Series Sermon #11

Step 1- Listen to the Sermon

Step 2- Go through the Questions below BEFORE you meet in your Growth Group

Step 3- Meet with your Growth Group

Into the Bible

  • Read: Luke 6:1- 10 & Luke 13:10- 17 Jesus as God & Lord of the Sabbath used the Sabbath as He intended to set people free and heal what was broken in people.
  • The false teachers in the Bible and today tell us to obey God’s rules so that we can earn God or man’s approval. Write down some biblical examples how Jesus uses God’s law and His authority differently than legalistic religious people.
  •  How have you been striving to obey God’s law or church tradition in a way that takes the joy out of life, rather than by grace that brings joy and healing to the broken?

Application Questions

  • Write down how you have been taking the life out of your relationship with God and family by treating the healing commands of God as wooden rules that lead to selfish pride and disappointment with God and others.
  • Read Galatians 5:1 In Prayer, ask God to release you from these attitudes and behaviors. Thank God for His forgiveness and ask Him to change your attitude as you begin to live according to His law in freedom & love.

Group Questions  

  • From this week's preparation, what stood out to you? What was new or exciting?
  • Share your story of how Christ has or is freeing you from legalistic religious practices.
  • Is there an area you are struggling with and need encouragement? Support one another to live out the implications of the Gospel. - Is there anything we've discussed that anyone wants to commit to follow-up on or do together in the coming week or beyond?
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