Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
December 5, 2016
Central Passage
Luke 1:26- 38
Faith: "Who does God use?"

*Sorry, no audio this week. Technical difficulties.

The Central Idea of the Sermon this week from Luke 1:26- 38 was that Mary saw herself as a girl from an insignificant town and of humble circumstances, and God seeks to use people just like Mary, who trust God according to what He promises no matter how impossible the odds. God makes the impossible possible when we trust Him and our actions reflect that trust. Begin entrusting the real everything stuff of your life to God today and watch how God uses you to both recieve and be a blessing.

Into the Bible Discover Truth

  • READ: Luke 1:39- 45
  • Why does Mary receive such praise from Elizabeth when typically it is the younger who shows such respect to the older? Hint v.45
  • What does this praise say about both Mary and what is worthy of praise?
  • READ: Luke 1:46- 55 - How does Mary see herself and how does she see God in vv. 46- 49? - To fear God means to obey Him.
  • In v. 50 what else does this verse say about God and people?
  • Based on what God has done for His people, what do we learn about God? vv. 50- 55

Application Obey the truth

  • Reflect on the days you have and have not been dependent on God. The result of dependence upon God was peace no matter how difficult things were.
  • Write down one area of your life where you are struggling and where you need to fully depend on God to work and show His faithfulness?
  • What is one action you can take to walk by faith in this area that will lead to real change?

Growth Group Questions Grow in the truth together

  • How do you think Mary's faith and dependence on God through Jesus’ birth strengthened her faith in Him as Lord when others later doubted Him?
  • Based on Mary's story, who does God use to display His glory and entrust with His most important tasks?
  • As we follow Jesus by faith, how can we trust seemingly little things in our life to God so that we can both build our faith and seek to serve Him in greater ways?
  • What is one way we can serve someone in need this December?


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