Welcome to the FBC Folsom sermon archive. PowerPoint slides for all audio sermons can be found in the Info Center. We apologize that some of our more recent sermons are not available--one of our media team members has been out of town for several months. Stay tuned for updates!

TitleDelivered ByCentral Passage
The Mystery ClinicWill RobbinsEphesians 3:1-13
Access CommunityWill RobbinsEphesians 2:11-22
A Piece of WorkWill RobbinsEphesians 2:1-10
Great ExpectationsWill RobbinsEphesians 1:15-23
Great ExpectationsWill RobbinsEphesians 1:15-23
You Asked For It? You Got It!Will RobbinsEphesians 1:1-14
Take the Long Way HomeWill RobbinsActs 14:21-28
Breaking BoxesWill RobbinsActs 14:8-20
Insight in IconiumWill RobbinsActs 14:1-7
Take up the TorchWill RobbinsActs 13:42-52
One Time OfferWill RobbinsActs 13:26-41
What's Your StoryWill RobbinsActs:13-25
Kick on the UtilitiesWill RobbinsActs 13:4-12
"Ready for takeoff"Will RobbinsActs 13:1-3
Watch it!Will RobbinsLuke 9:57-62
The Guts to PrayWill RobbinsLuke 11:1-13
Get RealWill RobbinsLuke 10:25-37
Life Re-orderedWill RobbinsLuke 10:38-42
Harvest: Reasons to CelebrateWill RobbinsLuke 10:17-24
Join the HarvestWill RobbinsLuke 10:1-16
Failure to FunctionWill RobbinsLuke 9:37-50
Breaking ThroughWill RobbinsLuke 9:28-36
Cross-roadWill RobbinsLuke 9:18-27
It's for you!Will RobbinsLuke 9:1-17
Know Your NeedWill RobbinsLuke 8:40-56
Trust on the TrailWill RobbinsLuke 8:22-39
Ready, Set, Action!Will RobbinsLuke 8:4-21
The Harvest and the PlaguesWill RobbinsRevelation 14:14-15:8
Here to love you.Will RobbinsLuke 7:36-8:3
Whose Child Are You?Will RobbinsLuke 7:18-35
Encounter MoreWill RobbinsLuke 7:11-17
Dare to PrepareWill RobbinsLuke 7:1-10
Responsible RestorationWill RobbinsNehemiah 13:15-22
UnhinderedWill RobbinsActs 12:1-25
Judgment Comes, Count The CostAndrew NanceEzekiel 24
Fertile SoilWill RobbinsActs 11:19-30
Greater FaithWill RobbinsActs 10:1-11:18
Love LocalWill RobbinsActs 9:32-43
Radical ReversalWill RobbinsActs 9:19-31
Jesus is CallingWill RobbinsActs 9:1-19
Follow His LeadWill RobbinsActs 8:26-40
The Great OutdoorsWill RobbinsActs 8:4-25
Pressed PureWill RobbinsMatthew 26:36-46
Preparing for ForgivenessWill RobbinsMatthew 26:1-35
Kingdom ConflictWill Robbins1 Samuel 19
The Green-eyed MonsterWill Robbins1 Samuel 18:6-30
Becoming God's LeaderWill Robbins1 Samuel 17:55- 18:5
Fight the Good FightWill Robbins1 Samuel 17
The Secret to SuccessWill Robbins1 Samuel 16
Who is molding you?Will Robbins1 Samuel 13-15
An Unexpected KingWill RobbinsMatthew 2:1-12
Praise God!Will RobbinsLuke 1:39-55
Faith in the FogWill RobbinsMatthew 1:18-25
Jesus Can RelateWill RobbinsMatthew 1:1-17
Stand with StephenWill RobbinsActs 7:1- 8:4
The Unstoppable WitnessWill RobbinsActs 5:12-42
Healthy FellowshipWill RobbinsActs 4:32- 5:11
Root Deep. Grow StrongWill RobbinsActs 4:23-31
Five Keys to Being a Growing, Maturing ChristianLonnie WascomJohn 15:1-17
DEVOTEDWill RobbinActs 2:41-27
1 Kings 19 - Put Your Hand To The Plow
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Andrew Nance1 Kings 19:1-21
Daniel 3 - Which God Do We Worship?Andrew NanceDaniel 3:1-30
Joy in the SufferingWill RobbinsLuke 6:21b-23
Running in the ReignWill RobbinsGospel of Matthew
Finding ForgivenessWill RobbinsLuke 5:17- 26
Radical RestorationWill RobbinsLuke 5:12- 16
Tackling TemptationWill RobbinsLuke 4:1- 13
Christ: Your New Beginning!Will RobbinsMatthew 26:26- 30
Jesus: The Believer's Only SourceWill RobbinsColossians 2:1- 5
Sent to SufferWill RobbinsColossians 2:24

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