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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
December 3, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Matthew 1:1-17
Gospel of Matthew


“Jesus can Relate” Matthew 1:1-17


1. Redeeming our Genesis

2. The Redeemer King is on the Scene

  • Davidic promise


  • Abrahamic Promise


3. The Good, The Bad and the Redeemed


  • Lessons from the fallen who God redeemed

  • Why 3 Groups of 14 Generations?


“A good man,” says Proverbs 13:22, “leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Leaving a material and financial inheritance in a wise manner is good stewardship and can be a great blessing to your heirs. But have you considered ways to leave an inheritance to your family that will have a more direct spiritual impact on them?

We bear responsibility to influence others spiritually, especially the members of our own family. To that end, here are a few items to leave as spiritual time capsules with the belief that they will bless many generations of your descendants.

Prayers. God can answer long after we are dead the prayers for our children and future generations we bring to His throne today. King Hezekiah’s wicked son, Manasseh, repented and turned to the Lord many decades after Hezekiah died (see 2 Chronicles 33:12-19), but no doubt the father left behind a rich inheritance of prayers to God for his wayward boy. You may want to preserve some of your prayers for your descendants in letters or journals.

From: Donald S. Whitney, Simplify Your Spiritual Life (Colorado Springs, CO.: NavPress, 2003).

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