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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
December 17, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Luke 1:39-55
Advent: Love Candle


“Praise God!” Luke 1:39-55

  1. Elizabeth’s Prophecy and Blessing (vv.39-45 )

  2. Praise God: He sees and saves (vv.46-49)

    1. Who is God? He mercifully recognizes the humble.

    2. What does God do? Saves those who trust Him.

  3. Praise God: He is merciful to “God fearers” (vv.50-53)

    1. God’s holiness is revealed in His loving mercy.

    2. God acts on behalf of those who trust Him.

    3. Mercy comes to those who trust Him.

  4. Praise God: God is a promise keeper (vv. 54-55)

Today I will say ___________ to trusting Jesus to lead me as my Lord and Savior.


worship. bible. pray

Worship. You can read a Psalm, something worshipful from Scripture, or play a song on an instrument or something you have recorded.

The Bible. Is the centerpiece of family worship. Read a passage of appropriate length for your family. Start by reading Bible stories about people or one of the Gospel’s. For kids, you may want to break these stories into parts. Have someone retell the story in their own words. Ask your family some simple questions like, 1) Who is this written to?, 2) What is the main point? 3) What is this passage teaching about God and people? 4) How can I apply this to my life specifically? How can you encourage each other to obey the message? Encourage one another to retell the story to others that week and next meeting share how people responded.

Pray. Be brief, praise God, pray for someone else to come to faith in Christ, and pray for one another.

“Keep it simple and keep it up!”

Based on: D. S. Whitney, Simplify Your Spiritual Life (Colorado Springs, CO.: NavPress, 2003).


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