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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
February 10, 2019
Central Passage
Luke 8:4-21
Gospel of Luke Series


“Ready, Set, Action!”  Luke 8:4-21

Heed the seed

I will remove the following obstacle(s) to obedience.


____________________     ___________________


____________________     ___________________


Careful: Exposed and Revealed

I will heed God’s word as it reveals truth and exposes my sin.


Enter by action not lip service

I will begin to say, “yes” to Jesus by taking action in obeying His word.

DEVOTIONAL: personal and group

Focus Point: Faith

Acts 8:9-24 Simon Magus

  • Based on Simon’s response in vv.8-13, did Simon appear to become a believer?

  • Based on Simon’s actions/ request and Peter’s response in vv.14-24, do you believe Simon had sought forgiveness through faith in Jesus or do you think he had other motives?

  • Can such faith bring forgiveness? Why?

Acts 26 King Agrippa

  • In vv.22-23, what was the heart of Paul’s message that he wanted his listeners to believe?

  • In vv.24-27, Paul stated that Agrippa “believed” the message from the prophets (of the Old Testament). What else in addition to biblical knowledge does a person need to believe?

  • What were the obstacles to Agrippa believing Paul’s Gospel of Jesus Christ in vv.28-32?

  • In what area of your life are you allowing some of the same obstacles to keep you from believing and acting on God’s word?

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