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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
June 10, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Acts 8:4-25
Acts Series

DEVOTIONAL: personal and group (sermon based devotional- notes below devotional)

Theme: Evangelism and Missions

  • In Acts 1:8, list the places Jesus said His followers would be witnesses to the Good News of His resurrection.

  • Acts 8:1-4  Where were the persecuted Jews scattered and what did these first believers do as they went? What was Saul doing in Jerusalem that caused them to flee?

  • Acts 8:5-8 Phillip was a native speaker of the common language used across the Roman empire, Greek. This gave him an advantage over the 12 disciples who may have been uncomfortable speaking Greek. What ability do you have that God could use to bring the message of “great joy” (v.8) to others? Ask others if you don’t know.

  • Think about a person at work or in your extended family who needs turn to Jesus. What is one way you could show this person that Jesus is Good News? How could showing them Jesus is Good News provide you an opportunity to call them to faith and forgiveness in Jesus Christ?

  • Acts 8:9-13 Who did Simon promote? Who did Phillip promote as great and good news? What can help you to promote Jesus over yourself or something else?

  • What did people do after they believed Phillip’s Gospel?

  • Acts 8:14-25 Peter and John “touched” the Samaritans that previously they would have never touched, and the Holy Spirit gave a sign that they were equally a part of the New Israel, the church.

  • How does Peter and John’s actions in v.25 show they really believed the Samaritan’s could be part of the church?

  • Be honest, who would you have a hard time inviting to church? What actions can you begin to show Jesus has changed your heart?


“Great Outdoors” Acts 8:4-25

  • Bring Jesus’ Gospel healing and forgiveness to others so they can know a greater joy.

  • Call others to Jesus as the “greater power” to overcome sin and live free.

  • Follow the Holy Spirit into greater unity with all those who believe in Jesus Christ.

  • Continue offering others greater grace by calling them to turn from sin and follow Jesus as Lord.

Vision: A diverse multitude of peoples worshiping Jesus.

Mission: Imitating Christ to spread the Gospel.

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