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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
January 28, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
1 Samuel 18:6-30
Shaped by God: 1-2 Samuel


“The Green-eyed Monster” 1 Samuel 18:6-30


  • What brings on the Green-eyed monster?


  • Describe jealousy.


  • How can you defeat jealousy within yourself?


  • How should you respond to a jealous person?



DEVOTIONAL: personal and group

Theme: Defeating jealousy inside & out

Read: Romans 12:1-21

Vv. 1-2 A Living Sacrifice

  • In Romans chapters 1-11 Paul explains our salvation comes by faith through grace in Jesus Christ.

  • In vv.1-2, what practical response to grace should be lived out in the believer’s life and why?

Vv. 3-8 Our View of Self & Others

  • How should we view ourselves based on v.3 and v.16b?

  • How does grace affect our attitude and actions toward each other?

  • In vv.6-8, to what extent should believers express their spiritual gifts?


Vv. 9-21 Genuine Love

  • In vv.9-13, how does love affect the way we care for one another?

  • In vv.14-21, how should we respond to those who do us harm?

  • How can living out the teaching in Romans 12 give you victory over jealousy in yourself and from others?

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